Network Map

After some “warbiking” I put together this network map showing observations of network nodes. This map probably isn’t complete, but it shows we have a good opportunity to connect the “islands” of nodes to make a bigger network.

Aiming towards Oscar Grant Plaza

Downtown Oakland Access Point

We spent last Sunday installing a 2.4ghz AP pointing NW towards the street at 1212 Broadway in Downtown Oakland in the Clef offices. They have a 1gbps connection in their 12th story office and they were willing to share, so we set up a Nanostation M2 pointing towards the street in an attempt to create […]

Cacti Graph of traffic for Sept-Oct 2015

Alpha Testing Network

We’ve been doing alpha testing on our what’s looking to be the network v0.2 for the last couple months. A lot of our firmware/etc code has been tightened up and we’re starting to get good results. There are obviously a lot of metrics that are worth considering when evaluating the success of a network, but […]

Sudomesh dish mount with Oakland in the distance

Building out our backbone…

After a dark fall of struggling with various issues with batman-adv and our tunnels, our coding crew decided to switch to Babel. While integrating the new protocol into our firmware, we’ve been actively researching potential sources of bandwidth to feed the network and mounting rooftop nodes in strategic locations. Every Sunday, we’ve been building out […]