First node mounted at LiveLabs

Deployed our first node!

First node mounted at LiveLabs
First node mounted at LiveLabs!

Today we finished installing our first backbone node! It’s running Sudo Mesh v0.1 Snow Crash, and will soon be linking up with two neighboring hacker houses. 🙂

Here’s Juul’s reportback:

Pete and myself installed a Nanostation M5 on a 20 foot aluminum flagpole in West Oakland. The node is about 14 feet above the roof of a two-story building. The total cost of this install ran to about $145 including all materials.Bill of Materials:

  • One Nanostation M5 loco
  • One 4 foot wood beam of 3.5″ by 3.5″
  • Three 5″ by 1/4″ bolts
  • Three 5/8″ washers for bolts (optional)
  • Three 1/2″ washers for bolts (optional)
  • Two 5″ hose clamps
  • 30+ feet of outdoor shielded ethernet cable
  • Two shielded/groundable ethernet plugs
  • A bunch of zip ties

The optional washers make it easier to tighten and untighten the bolts (otherwise they dig into the wood).

Material sources:

  • Nanostation from Amazon
  • Flag pole from Harbor Freight
  • Everything else from Home Depot