Snow Crash login screen

Developer Launch!

As of last night, we’ve officially launched version 0.1.0 of the mesh firmware, a.k.a. Snow Crash.

    Snow Crash login screen
Snow Crash login screen
The plan is to have ~20 people with networking skills run nodes from their homes for 1-2 months and report any remaining issues. We’ll then fix those bugs and do a wider release of ~60 more nodes.

What’s currently working:

  1. Sharing limited Internet bandwidth with
  2. Private access point with no bandwidth limit and mesh access
  3. Automatic node meshing with batman-adv
  4. Simplified web admin interface that lets node-owners change bandwidth sharing settings and passwords.
  5. Automated configuration of new nodes using easy web interface.
  6. Automatic printing of stickers with instructions and default generated passwords.

To those of you who have already taken nodes home, here are a few notes:

1. sudo mesh has root access to your nodes since we manage updates per default. If you want to manage your own node and don’t want sudo mesh to have access, you can disable our root access by removing /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys on your node.

2. Please report any bugs on our github. If you know which repository the bug pertains to, then go to the issue tracker for that repository. If you aren’t sure, then just add the bug here:

A compiled version of the firmware is available here:

Keep in mind that the nodes have to be configured using the node-configurator after being flashed with that firmware and that the firmware only trusts sudomesh SSL certificates. We’ll release a less secure version for developers who just want to play around as soon as possible. For now you can configure your nodes at sudo room with the help of one of the core team.

In the following is a list of the repositories directly relevant to this release of the firmware. All of these repositories have been tagged with “sudowrt-0.1.0” so you can get the exact versions used in the release.

Mesh the planet!

–via Juul