How to Participate: All Hands on Deck!

We are always excited to have new volunteers join the team! From designing flyers to developing software, doing research and documenting what you learn, fixing broken hardware to hitting the streets and spreading the word, there’s something for everybody who wants to participate.

We meet weekly on Thursday evenings starting at 7:30pm at Sudo Room, your friendly neighborhood hackerspace. Come on by and jump in!

You can also participate online via our mailing list, our chat room, contributing to our code on Github, and adding to this very wiki.

Donations are always appreciated and keep us sustainable. We accept donations via Gittip (anonymous weekly micropayments), through Bitcoin, and in-person at our weekly meetings. Sudo Mesh is currently in the process of acquiring non-profit status, so your donations will be retroactively tax-deductible. If you’d like to donate materials directly, check here for a list of hardware we’d love to have.

We also need gung ho folks to climb rooftops and mount nodes!

For press inquiries, please contact info (at) sudomesh (dot) org!