Aiming towards Oscar Grant Plaza

Downtown Oakland Access Point

We spent last Sunday installing a 2.4ghz AP pointing NW towards the street at 1212 Broadway in Downtown Oakland in the Clef offices. They have a 1gbps connection in their 12th story office and they were willing to share, so we set up a Nanostation M2 pointing towards the street in an attempt to create […]

Cacti Graph of traffic for Sept-Oct 2015

Alpha Testing Network

We’ve been doing alpha testing on our what’s looking to be the network v0.2 for the last couple months. A lot of our firmware/etc code has been tightened up and we’re starting to get good results. There are obviously a lot of metrics that are worth considering when evaluating the success of a network, but […]

Sudomesh dish mount with Oakland in the distance

Building out our backbone…

After a dark fall of struggling with various issues with batman-adv and our tunnels, our coding crew decided to switch to Babel. While integrating the new protocol into our firmware, we’ve been actively researching potential sources of bandwidth to feed the network and mounting rooftop nodes in strategic locations. Every Sunday, we’ve been building out […]

We’re meshing at the Omni!

It’s been a crazily active summer – apologies for the lack of updates! Sudo Room (and by extension, Sudo Mesh) has relocated to the Omni Oakland Commons at 4799 Shattuck. We’re excited to be a founding member collective among an array of groups that have moved in together to create a radical commons in Oakland. […]

First all-nighter in the new sudo room!

Mesh Hackathon @ The Omni, July 5-7!

This weekend, Sudo Mesh is having our first mesh hackathon at sudo room’s new location in the Omni! Join us at 4799 at any point this weekend, starting at noon until we tire today[1], and noon on Sunday and Monday. We’ll have rotating orientation sessions every hour on the hour both Sunday and Monday, so […]

How to Participate: All Hands on Deck!

We are always excited to have new volunteers join the team! From designing flyers to developing software, doing research and documenting what you learn, fixing broken hardware to hitting the streets and spreading the word, there’s something for everybody who wants to participate. We meet weekly on Thursday evenings starting at 7:30pm at Sudo Room, […]

Snow Crash login screen

Developer Launch!

As of last night, we’ve officially launched version 0.1.0 of the mesh firmware, a.k.a. Snow Crash. The plan is to have ~20 people with networking skills run nodes from their homes for 1-2 months and report any remaining issues. We’ll then fix those bugs and do a wider release of ~60 more nodes. What’s currently […]

First node mounted at LiveLabs

Deployed our first node!

Today we finished installing our first backbone node! It’s running Sudo Mesh v0.1 Snow Crash, and will soon be linking up with two neighboring hacker houses. 🙂 Here’s Juul’s reportback: Pete and myself installed a Nanostation M5 on a 20 foot aluminum flagpole in West Oakland. The node is about 14 feet above the roof of […]

Hello world!

it’s been nearly a year since we first started meeting – our tiny group. so much learning, so much progress! we’ve launched the! &&! check out our code – namely forks of openwrt running batman-adv for routing and incorporating wlan-slovenia’s tunneldigger for secure vpn connections, as well as an admin interface written in […]

Bridging the Physical/Digital Divide: Hyperlocal Networks and Community-Based Asset Mapping

Originally posted at Hyperlocalism seeks to bridge the physical/digital divide by focusing on the use of information to create technology tools and media oriented around a well-defined area and inspired by the needs of local residents. Maps and mesh networks are tools that can be particularly leveraged to enable hyperlocal connectivity and information flow; […]