We’re meshing at the Omni!

It’s been a crazily active summer – apologies for the lack of updates! Sudo Room (and by extension, Sudo Mesh) has relocated to the Omni Oakland Commons at 4799 Shattuck. We’re excited to be a founding member collective among an array of groups that have moved in together to create a radical commons in Oakland.


If you’ve been wanting to plug in and help out, or simply reconnect to the group, tonight is a great night to come by and check out the new space!


  • We’ll be having our monthly general meeting today, starting at 7:30pm at Sudo Room. Please add to the agenda! – https://pad.riseup.net/p/sudomesh
  • Juul, MaxB and Alex have been working hard on crushing bugs and levelling up our mesh firmware. We’ve deployed a test network within the Omni building and they are successfully meshing as I type! \o/
  • We’ve procured a 75 foot antenna tower that will be mounted in West Oakland to become a core relay spot for routing traffic on the mesh.
  • Noemie has put together a fantastic sudomesh / people’s open net video and is currently soliciting feedback. Check it out @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qva1SQSBDyE
  • Paige made a rad flyer design and two versions of the flyer for a) general ways to participate in the project and b) promoting upcoming info sessions. Check them out here: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Flyers
  • Stickers!! The round ‘Mesh the Planet’ and rectangular PeoplesOpen.Net stickers have been printed and can be procured at sudoroom (atio the white shelves next to the staircase) and/or one of our Tuesday/Thursday meetups!

Code – so much code this summer!!

  • Juul created ipk-builder: https://github.com/sudomesh/ipk-builder
  • MaxB, Ron, and Juul have been updating the service browser: https://github.com/sudomesh/service-browser
  • Juul, MaxB, and Alex reengineered the node-configurator: https://github.com/sudomesh/makenode
  • MaxB, Alex and Matt fixed the exitnode
  • MaxB created sudowrt-firmware-images for temporary storage of firmware builds
  • Matt added a patch to sudowrt-firmware
  • Alex and MaxB have been fixing our fork of tunneldigger
  • MaxB fixed sudowrt-packages
  • Juul updated ubi-flasher
  • Juul added fixes to meshnode-database
  • Matt created svg-animations for mesh presentations


To Dos:

  • Test current mesh setup in the Omni building
  • Create online ordering system and shipping label automation
  • Create ‘How to Care for Your Node’ guides
  • Outreach to spaces that can host info sessions and presentations
  • Work on local apps and services that will run on the mesh!
  • More at: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/ToDos
    • Please update the list above with specific tasks!

Help Out!

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