How to Help

Mesh networks don't happen by themselves, they require a ton of effort and a lot of collaboration. If you would like to help out, there are several roles that anyone (with the right motivation) can fulfill.

  • Community Organizer and/or Educator
    Are you a people person? Would you like to help our network expand and provide access to those who need it most? Use your social skills to help get the word out. Talk to neighbors and local businesses about setting up a node in their buildings. Help plan events and workshops that raise awarness of the mesh.

  • Legalistics and Grant Writing
    Do you have expertise in law? Or are you good writer? Help us join the fight for digital liberties and equitable access to information. See more about our legal efforts on our wiki.

  • Design and UX
    Are you artiscally inclined? There are multiple aspects of mesh networks that require design skills. Help improve our proganda, re-design user interfaces, or create new diagrams and infographics. Check out our propaganda currently hosted on github.

  • Technical Support
    Do you like scaling tall buildings? Are you a skilled troubleshooter? Help provide day-to-day management and maintenance of the mesh or assist in the deployment of nodes and roof-mounted antennae! If you'd like to join the node mounting crew, e-mail us at

  • Multi-talented Engineer
    Are you a hacker or programmer? Do you know how to use git? Clone our repos, modify some code (or just edit a README), and become a contributor. To learn about the technology that drives mesh networks and how to contribute to our various hardware/firmware/software projects, visit our development page.

If you are interested in fulfilling any of these roles (or suggesting new ones). Stop by our weekly meetings, Tuesdays 7:30pm at the Omni Commons and Join the Network