Join the Network

If you would like to host a node on the Peoples Open Network or just spread the word about mesh networks, check out these pages to see how you can get involved:

Help Out

Request a Node


However, being part of a mesh network is more than just hosting a node at your home.

What being part of a mesh network means:

  • Getting people involved in open, community-owned and -operated networks.
  • Talking to neighbors, friends, or any other human about mesh networks.
  • Posting flyers in your neighborhood.
  • Designing new posters, flyers, and other graphics.
  • Organizing workshops, conference talks, or cryptoparties.
  • Mounting new nodes on rooftops.
  • Running wire and crimping ethernet cable.
  • Flashing nodes with our custom firmware.
  • Maintaining nodes that already are on the network.
  • Developing and designing web apps that can run locally on the network.
  • Repairing old electronics and prototyping new devices.
  • Writing grant applications!!!