So You Want to Build Your Own Internet?!

There are three main components needed to build a minimal People's Open Network,

  • Home Nodes
  • Exit Nodes
  • and a Meshnode Database

Home Nodes

Typically, we use MyNet N600 home routers as our home nodes. These need to be "flashed" with a custom version of OpenWrt, which includes babeld (routing protocol) and tunneldigger (L2TP tunnelling, i.e. VPN). You can build your own version of this firmware here,
or you can download a pre-built version and follow our walkthrough,

Exit Node

This will be your network's gateway to the larger internet. To learn how to build your own, check out,
Once built, you may also want to test that you can connect to your exit node. Here are exercises to learn more about doin

Meshnode Database

This is a centralized server hosted somewhere, either on the internet or on local network where you do all configuration of home nodes. To avoid IP address conflicts, this database keeps track of all IP addresses ever given out on your Peoples Open Network. To build your own meshnode database, follow the instructions here,

Additional Components

Extender Nodes

This is what we call roof-mounted, router antennas. Currently, the official recommendation is to leave the default firmware on extender nodes, though we do have an unmaintained version of our firmware for extender nodes. You can learn more about the extender nodes we use,

Ethernet Crimping

Learn how to make your own internet tubes, so you can connect your extender nodes to your home node,

Admin Dashboard

A web dashboard for home nodes,

Admin Shell

A work-in-progress shell interface for home nodes,